How many websites you open or browse in a day? And how many websites actually pique your interest and compel you to stay? It has been noted that more than 90% of people leave the website which doesn’t interest them within 3 seconds. Your website can seriously affect the traffic that comes to your website. A responsive theme and impressive design can affect the conversions on your website in more than one way.

Our Experience

a. Responsive Design

  • PCs and laptops are long gone, more than 70% of people today browse content or websites on their smartphones.
  • Hence, it is very important that your website is responsive to every screen size and device. We have a long-standing experience in developing easy to use responsive designs.

b. Attractive Design

  • As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Your website design must be such that it must dazzle the visitor in one look and we can give you that.

c. Easy to use Admin panel

  • What's the point if the client cannot view and edit the content on their website with ease? We empower our clients by giving them an easy to use Admin panel for their website.

d. Google Optimized

  • Google recognizes light and well-optimized website better. We ensure that your website is fast enough and is optimized according to the latest guidelines by Google.